Shude College

Shude College

Shude College has the philosophy of Immortal Growth. The character “Shu” refers to the tree, and the growth of college students, all of them young and promising in their way. The character “De” comes from the ancient Chinese song “Three Immortals,” and refers to the ability to learn something new and forever improve. On this basis, Shude College students are virtuous students, with noble morality, broad minds, and tenacious characters.

Shude College aims to create a spiritual home that unites youth and wisdom while cultivating virtue and sentiment. They want to nourish life with science and technology, to promote the integration of our natural, social and spiritual attributes together organically and naturally.

The Dean often says, “Life is unpredictable, be prepared. Life is full of uncertainty; please be prepared. Life is a long journey, keep going. Life is a long journey; please stick to it and never give up. Life Is beautiful, enjoy it. Life is good; please enjoy the process.” It is this attitude that Shude College hopes to instill in its students.

About Shude College

The tutor system is one of the important contents of the student management model of Shude College. Through the implementation of the tutor system within the residential college, Shude College manages the academic and personal needs of its students. The informal classes help cultivate students' professional and personal development outside of the classroom, and the tutors are an important influence for each student in guiding them through the university life.

Tutors at Shude College are professors, associate professors and assistant professors from every department at SUSTech. College tutors change their approach as students work through their studies. In the first and second academic years, the college tutor will focus on adapting students to university life, forming good study habits and exploring their professional interests. They will also guide and assist the students in finding the right courses and majors that suit their interests. In their third and fourth year, the tutors will focus more on a student's academic pursuits.

What Can You Do At Shude College

Come to Shude College which will accompany you for four years of university, and walk through the journey of growth! Shude College will help your life to be prosperous, fun and elegant. With a focus on research and innovation, you can partake in public welfare, and walk around to achieve growth from one to ten million. You can run a marathon, pay 10 like-minded friends, complete 100 hours of volunteer service, get up early 1000 times, study for 10000 hours, complete 100000 words of study notes each year, make an invention of 1000000 worth of value, and walk 10 million steps.

Ultimately, what you do at Shude College and SUSTech is up to you.